Snoop Dogg interviews Ty Dolla $ign on GNN News


Join us in the smoker’s studio for a one-on-one between Nemo Hoes and Ty Dolla $ign.

The two talk about everything music as well as serious issues like false imprisonment. From hoverboards—which the two could be considered professionals at if that was a thing—to Ty’s new album, Free TC, the conversation is endlessly entertaining. Ty is a writer, artist, and producer, so he knows what he’s doing when it comes to music. His new album, that has his massively popular singles “Saved” and “Blase”, features a variety of multi-talented artists like E-40 and Keke Palmer. With the eclectic musicians coming together on this album, it can only mean one thing: the album is amazing. (Frankly, anything with E-40 on it is amazing…like even if he were to put his name on dish soap it would be amazing).

Ty’s album is called Free TC for a very important reason. Ty’s little brother, TC, is currently in a California jail serving a sentence for a murder he didn’t commit. Unfortunately, this seems to be an issue that is all too familiar for many Americans. Ty is taking the money he earns from this album and putting it back towards TC’s case, which will hopefully, one day, result in an overturning of his conviction. Like Ty, Snoop and many others can relate to this issue.

This is a lighthearted GGN that also hits on issues that can’t be ignored. Whether you’re a fan of Ty Dolla $ign or not, this is an episode of GGN you don’t want to miss.


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