Bank Security Shoots Armed Robbers in Brazil after Struggle!


Bank Security Shoots Armed Robbers in Brazil after Struggle!

CCTV video from a credit union in Lucas do Rio Verde, a town in the state of Mato Grosso, Brazil, shows an alert security guard reacting to an attempt by a pair of thieves to rob the bank.

One of the robbers entered the bank and used a toy gun in an attempt to disarm the guard. But the guard was not ready to give up his (real) weapon, and fought the wound be robber.

Meanwhile, the robber’s accomplice emerged from the outside to cover his crooked friend, but the guard reacted to his existence just as readily and opened fire at him through the glass.

According to the local police officer Valter de Mello, it’s become common that thieves start the crime with a toy gun and take the guard’s gun to complete the assault. Often, the guard gets disarmed because he doesn’t realize the assailant’s gun is fake.

The captured assailant was identified as 20 year old Robson Júnior Jardim dos Santos, who had four outstanding warrants for arrest at the time – three for robberies and one for drug trafficking. He tried to escape through the revolving door, but a teller activated an emergency switch that locked the door. His accomplice escaped, but the police have his identity and are in the process of locating him. The robbery attempt took place on Friday, December 23, 2016.


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