Man Finds an ATM Skimmer While on Vacation in Vienna, Austria


Man Finds an ATM Skimmer While on Vacation in Vienna, Austria.

UPDATE: I have since notified the Vienna Police Department regarding this discovery as at the time of the incident I did not have access to an international phone by which I could report this.

UPDATE #2: If you look at these pictures, you can see the Small camera above the ATM Sticker that I missed (Thanks to Ali Rahmoun’s spoof of my video we have something to compare my screenshots with)

Finding an ATM Skimmer on vacation at the Samsung Cash Machine outside St. Steven’s cathedral in Vienna, Austria

While on vacation with my family in Vienna, Austria I went to grab some cash from an ATM, being security paranoid I went repeated my typical habit of checking the card reader as I have 100’s of times… today’s the day when my security awareness paid off! Check out how perfectly made this skimmer is that was custom made for this ATM MACHINE!


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